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NRFF Category: LGBT Films (under 45 minutes)  • 27 min 38 sec • Drama (FR)
Director:  Manuel M. Mercier  Completed Apr 2016

In New York, a son finds his transgender father – a medium length film violently delicate.


ITM   Joëlle Séchaud – JOLLE (LEAD ACTOR)


Joëlle is not your average father. When her son suddenly turns up in NY just when her life is in full reconstruction after a sex reassignment, she’s not ready to play the doting father. She can tell her son the contrary, he can see that she’s gone down a notch. Crap job, tiny flat. and there’s a transgender that support group meets there. She can’t take being constantly scrutinized, questioned and judged by every Tom, Dick and Harry. Her son’s arrival might just be the last straw. It’s emotional swings and roundabouts which won’t leave you the same person. (Released in partnership with UNESCO Chaire Sexual Health & Human Rights)

Daniel Cohen-Séat   – (LEAD ACTOR)


manuel_mercier_spike_leeManuel M. Mercier is a young French director who lives between Paris and New York. He has devoted a documentary trilogy to individuals who seek their way: despite the limitations of a disabled body “Philippe Croizon – Fallen from sky”, the dangers of getting lost in one’s media reflection “Gio Black Peter – New Fuck New York “, or the loss of status by becoming a woman when born a man “Olivia Chaumont – Olivia”.

He defends the values of diversity and inclusion in our society where attacks on the concept of “Society Living Together” are daily. He believes in empowerment. He loves multidimensional personalities, facing difficult situations. Inspirations that the viewer can take to in their own life.

The “Virus Wars” laser game for the prevention of HF Prevention, for which he created a series of vintage science fiction films with actor Jean Claude Dreyfus, received the 2015 Gold Winner International Innovation Award of the UNESCO Chaire Health & Human Rights, and is the subject of the World Health Organization publication. He is currently in the starting blocks for the creation of a video game.

With “In The Mirror” he has reached maturity as a director of fiction.  For more information visit Manuel’s website.



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