Why Choose NR Script Analysis?


The screenplay is by far the most important ingredient of a film, but yet at the same time to write a good or even an excellent script, is one of the most difficult things to do.

Script editors who have read hundreds or even thousands of screenplays will tell you how much bad, repetitive and unoriginal screenwriting there is out there, and how few well-crafted and well thought through masterpieces there are.


First impressions count and new writers may only get given one chance to impress agents, executives and producers.


Why hire a New Renaissance Script Analyst?


Nurturing inspiring artists, stories and storytellers is what we love to do. If you are a writer, producer or director we can help you to ensure that your script is the best it can possibly be before you make your submission.

There are many Script Development companies out there and prices vary considerably. We have carefully selected script analysts who are at the top of their profession and working right now in established film and TV production companies. They are experts with a proven track record who will be able to advise you on (1) whether the script is actually good enough to be released to the industry, and 2) how it can be improved.

This is an intensive process which cannot be done in an hour. Therefore our rates reflect this high standard of professionalism and are still competitive.

WARNING: To receive critical feedback of your script, is never easy, however, in this industry you need to be objective and willing to make changes.

Our quality recommendations are honest and constructive and will help maximise the chances of your script being accepted by the industry.

A summary of  KEY benefits

  • Impartial analysis by an industry professional
  • Honest, practical recommendations on how to improve your script
  • 21 day turnaround with a fast track (14 day) service available
  • Services are suitable for writers, producers and directors


What does a script analysis include?

A 4+ page report covers analysis of all the key elements of your script, logline and synopsis, with development notes aimed at improving each element, suggestions for the next draft and an evaluation grid.

  • Story
  • Structure
  • Character
  • Dialogue
  • Theme
  • Commercial Appeal


Promote your screenplay with a video recording

A video recording of your screenplay is an excellent way to ‘feel’ how your words translate when spoken by actors, attract interest from a producer or help promote your crowdfunding campaign. Send us your script and a film director will cast and direct actors to perform the script or key scenes from it.

See example


What next?

Simply choose your service from the list we offer. We’ll then contact you within 24 hours to request your script. Once we have your script we’ll get to work…

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