NRFF Amsterdam – Film of the Week



A choreographed dance of pedestrians and automobiles, presented on their routinized stages.

Genres: Experimental, Animation

Runtime: 6 min

Country: USA

Writer / Director /Producer:  Conner Griffith




About the Filmmaker


Conner Griffith is a multidisciplinary artist who primarily works in time-based media as a documentarian and a designer. His process is to be a first a collector and then a composer.

Conner is driven by technology that lets him seek out, play with, and reveal augmentations of natural movement and form in both visual and auditory contexts.

“Auto” is a student project.

Erez Eisenstein





About Film of the Week


Film of the Week stands apart from the Official Selection process into the New Renaissance Film Festival. Being selected does not guarantee a place in the festival. However, from all the films of the week some will be chosen to be part of the festival, which will be held in Amsterdam (NL). A prize will be given to the overall winner.

NRFF Amsterdam is a festival for inspiring artists, stories and storytellers. We are now open for International and LGBT films and screenplays. Don’t miss our NEXT deadline date: October 11, 2016. 

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