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Genres: Sci-Fi

Runtime:  14 min

Country: Japan

Director: Keishi Suenaga




 About the Film


The Earth has been invaded by extraterrestrial biological entities that possess greater than human intelligence. The ET’s send “Domes” to colonize the planet. Humans live in fear and are waiting for the end of civilization as we know it…

The lead character Soh Tokita (Hiroyuki Watanabe) is a retired high school teacher who has joined the UN force dedicated to maintain order in the world. But his wife, Misaki (Misao Moriya), who once was his student has not been able to accept the reality that the world has gone to ruin. She lives in a fantasy world of past memories. All Tokita can do is to watch over her, acting like nothing has happened. On this day, however, Tokita can no longer keep reality from her.


About the Filmmaker


-home-opk-thumbs-3341539.screenKeishi Suenaga is a Japanese Independent Film Director, Producer and Writer. In 2011, Keishi established Starsea Films, an independent movie production company where he took on the role of producing, directing and editing  films. He has made two shorts and a feature to date.


Keishi Suenega







About Film of the Week


Film of the Week stands apart from the Official Selection process into the New Renaissance Film Festival. Being selected does not guarantee a place in the festival. However, from all the films of the week some will be chosen to be part of the festival, which will be held in Amsterdam (NL). A prize will be given to the overall winner.

NRFF Amsterdam is a festival for inspiring artists, stories and storytellers. We are now open for International and LGBT films and screenplays. Don’t miss our NEXT deadline date: November 8, 2016. 

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