What Filmmakers Are Saying About NRFF Amsterdam


NRFF Amsterdam 2017



David-Matthew Barnes (Screenwriter, USA)

NRFF is a terrific festival. It’s truly one of the best. Thank you for giving so much support and encouragement to so many filmmakers.

March 2017


Konstantina Kotzamani (Filmmaker, Greece)

Thanks for supporting Limbo and including it in your beautiful program! You really give me motivation for keep filming.
March 2017


Ajay Banks (Actor, Filmmaker, Australia)

It means so much to me and the production team of Always for the recognition. We made this short film for so many personal reasons so the fact that we were able to screen and be selected at your incredible festival is such an achievement and a huge honour for us. The calibre of films was astounding at the Festival this year, to be among them is so wonderful.

March 2017


Taras Groves (Filmmaker, UK)

Wonderful festival run by the incredible Jan and Massimo who care about filmmakers and hosting a great event. A seriously high quality of films from all over the globe. Lovely vibe and experience. Honoured to have won “Best Story”

March 2017


Marta Parlatore (Filmmaker, Masterclass Facilitator) 

THANK YOU very much for inviting me to the New Renaissance – I had a terrific time with my masterclass. I LOVED the participants (so passionate and enthusiastic!), the venue and the energy.

March 2017


David Sillars (Actor, UK)

Thank you for a totally wonderful evening. I fell in love at least twenty times with the sweetest creative gentle people.  I hope karma will bring us all together again.  Thanks to all your team there.

March 2017


Melinte  Reitzema (Filmmaker, Netherlands, UK)

The festival was so wonderful and it was an amazing experience for me. Watching other films, getting to know other film makers etc etc. And then winning… that meant so much to us. I am happy you recognised our film and this has propelled into confidence to send the film to a lot more festivals. I am excited about starting future projects. You have created a really special platform with this festival. Thank you.

March 2017


Manuel M. Mercier (Filmmaker, France, USA)

It has been quite an extraordinary journey since you (NRFF) opened your door. As I am speaking I am in Orlando for a film festival and next selection is NYC. To thank You is not enough, all I can give you is my friendship and wish we stay in touch.

March 2017


Alon Chan (Filmmaker, Hong Kong, France)

Thank you very much for organising this great festival which allows filmmakers to have direct exchange and thanks for the encouragement that you and your festival gives to each of us. It’s a very positive festival and we can feel the positive energy from you and among the participants.

March 2017


Kitania Kavey (Screenwriter, Netherlands, USA)

Great venue, lovely hosts, and good networking opportunities. I had a wonderful time!

March 2017


Carmel JOYCE (Screenwriter, Australia)

Thank-you for all the hard work you do to make the New Renaissance Film Festival each year, such a success. – FINALIST – Carmel JOYCE “The Ulster Soldier’s Daughter”.

March 2017


Thomas Grascoeur (Filmmaker, France)

Great festival with an amazing program, it is an honour to be part of it! Really inspiring, diverse and warming.

March 2017 


Mehmet Tığlı (Filmmaker, Turkey)

Amazing festival. Thanks a lot to all festival crew.

March 2017


Michael McDonough (Filmmaker, UK)

Great event, welcoming hosts and nice venue.

March 2017


Scott Martin (Screenwriter, USA)

Thank you for the recognition.

March 2017


Luiza de Andrade (Filmmaker, Brazil)

It was a pleasure to attend this festival. I was very well received and had the opportunity to meet incredible filmmakers.
The master classes were of high quality and I was able to learn many new things.
Thank you and congratulations to the organizers for the great festival!

March 2017


Maria Guidone (Filmmaker, Italy)

it’s a great festival, really interesting, full of life, with a nice atmosphere and a lot of opportunities to do networking with other filmmakers.
Jan and Massimo are perfect! – friendly, funny and enthusiastic. Lab11 is a SUPER screening place!

March 2017


Tania Galan (Film Distributor, Spain)

Great film festival that try to make network between filmmakers visiting them. Is very social and nice with all the filmmakers that we’ve been there. The screening place is SUPER!

March 2017


Shawna Gnutel (Filmmaker, Canada)

The organizers Massimo and Jan were well organized and very friendly. I highly recommend this festival to everyone!

March 2017


Artnok Film (Czech Republic)

We had wonderful time. Organizers were perfect – reliable, friendly, very well prepared and enthusiastic. Festival has nice friendly atmosphere. The masterclasses were of high quality. Easy to get in touch with other filmmakers.

Team of Approaching.

March 2017


Coen Haver (Filmmaker, Netherlands)

Really had a wonderful time thanks to the two organizers of the festival. Met a lot of new, interesting and very talented film makers!!

March 2017


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