NRFF In London This Summer



The New Renaissance Film Festival is in London this August to celebrate the creative diversity of independent filmmaking. London is such a dynamic and vibrant city. We know filmmakers will love to showcase their work here. The first submissions have already arrived in our in box and we are delighted with the high quality of talent at this early stage.

We will highlight one of the film submissions each week  –  FILM OF THE WEEK – and one of the screenplay submissions each month – SCREENPLAY OF THE MONTH –  that we receive and has excited us. These initiatives are a way to support indie filmmakers, and stand apart from the official selection into the festival.

We are currently negotiating a suitable venue for the festival. 

We will also be reaching out to sponsors in the coming months, and hope to create even more exciting prizes for both our filmmakers and screenwriters. Sign up to the MAILING LIST and follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@nrfflondon) for interesting news, special offers and blog posts.

Join us in celebrating independent filmmaking in this new era of change.

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